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Welcome to The Future of the Past is Collaboration 2022 Joint Conference



Welcome from Revs Institute

On behalf of the staff and volunteers of the Revs Institute, welcome to the joint conference of the World Forum for Motor Museums and the National Association of Automobile Museums.

I am delighted to find so much enthusiasm for a program that focused on the theme of “The Future of the Past is Collaboration.” The automobile is one of the most important objects of modern material culture, and a major, if not defining factor, in the legacy of modernity itself. Distinct from heritage which references things gone by, legacy is that stuff from the past that comes down to us for our use in the present and by subsequent generations in the future. Legacy defines the future of the past as we would like to see it. In this conference, we hope you will think about that kind of future.

Our many sponsors helped make this conference possible and affordable for our guests from around the world. Special thanks go to Sparks, Hagerty, Intercity Lines, Softrim, Big Sea, Collier AutoMedia, MediaPreserve, Konica Minolta, Aldecor Custom Framing, OCLC, CoLibri, and Springshare for their support.

Closer to home, I want to thank our incomparable Revs staff and volunteers, who have labored long and unceasingly to bring you this exciting conference.

I want to thank all the speakers for sharing their expertise. The conference sessions are filled with new insights into museum technology, outreach, and collaborative efforts. Each session is being recorded, and after the conference they will be made available to all of you. Attendees will get detailed, behind-the-scenes tours of our incomparable workshop, parts department, library, and digitization spaces. You will thoroughly enjoy the sunset dinner cruise aboard the Naples Princess, visit the famous Edison-Ford Winter Estates, and appreciate a great selection of meals from our friends at Artichoke. You will even get the chance to build and race cars! The opportunities to hear directly from, and ask questions of, colleagues and experts about key issues should be provocative and enlightening.

Please enjoy the challenging program, the excellent food and drink, and above all, the opportunity to spend time in the company of your colleagues.

If there is anything that the Revs Institute team or I can do to make your experience here better, please don’t hesitate to ask.


Miles Collier

President, Revs Institute


Welcome from The World Forum for Motor Museums

I would like to take this opportunity to welcome all delegates to the 16th World Forum.

The 2022 Forum at the Revs Institute in Naples Florida promises to be one of the most successful in recent years.

The World Forum for Motor Museums arose out of a proposal by Lord Montagu of Beaulieu and Michael Ware, Director of the National Motor Museum in summer 1988. They proposed a gathering of museum directors and curators that specifically collected and displayed road transport vehicles as their main objective. The initial aim was to encourage networking, discussion and problem solving under the auspices that a problem shared is not only a problem halved but often a problem solved.

It is unfortunate that with the advent of the internet and the world wide web combined with improved methods of electronic communication mean that this type of conference is becoming less and less popular. However, we at the Secretariat at the Forum are convinced that there is more to a conference than just attending talks and lectures. We have found that more is achieved outside of the lecture room when we network with our fellow delegates, make new friends and reconnect with old ones.

Many a problem has been solved during discussions over dinner and yes, even breakfast, so it is vitally important to us that there are several opportunities to network both in the lecture hall and during our well-planned breaks and visits.

It is a great truism that the best way of learning is to incorporate it into play as well as in the classroom. What we offer here is the opportunity to do both in abundance.

To this end Mark Vargas and his team at the Revs Institute has put together an astounding forum where we can all take the opportunity to relax into one of the best learning and truly International networking opportunities available anywhere in the World. I look forward to meeting you all.

Kind regards,

Michael Penn CEI Tech Eng ITE, SAHB


Welcome from the National Association of Automobile Museums

Welcome to the 2022 annual conference of the National Association of Automobile Museums held in conjunction with the World Forum for Motor Museums.

Our theme this year, “The Future of the Past is Collaboration,” is a perfect fit for our partnership with the World Forum. The annual conference provides us with our best opportunity to renew old acquaintances and create new friendships as we come together to share our knowledge and achievements.

From these connections comes collaboration, on formal projects and informal consultations. These collaborations make our institutions more effective in pursuit of our respective missions as we work together to produce programs, exhibitions, and publications that meet the highest standards of professional excellence. We are also able to celebrate automotive museums as valuable cultural institutions in our communities.

We’re grateful to Mark Vargas and the team at the Revs Institute for hosting us, and for working to put together an outstanding schedule of sessions and activities.

Pat Slebonick
President, National Association of Automobile Museums